7 Seasons.

(Say Uncle).

. Courteney Cox.

Florence Menlo.

Fox’s Alex P.

54 episodes, 1982-1989 Scott Valentine. . .


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Irwin 'Skippy' Handelman /.

Classics Jan 1, 1989 24 min Paramount+ TV-PG Starring Marc Price, Lois De Banzie, Raleigh Bond Cast & Crew MP Marc Price Guest Star LB Lois De Banzie Guest Star RB.

Tom Hanks is back as Uncle Ned and this time he has a drinking problem. Family Ties reflected the move in the United States away from the.

. He broke out as a star, playing "Skippy", on the hit 1980s NBC sitcom, Family Ties (1982), opposite Michael J.

The show started early in the decade, and ended its run before 1990.

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Keaton who weathered unmitigated rejection from Alex’s sister, Mallory, played by Justine Bateman. . Fox.

He decides to join the Army. . . . . Marc on the left side as Skippy in the tv series "Family Ties" Image Source: Facebook.


Fox’s Alex P. .


With Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Michael J.


" Steven was an ex-hippie and father of four who worked as a manager for a local radio station.