₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎ :♡*゚.

Star Symbols How To Use - Star Symbols.

These are the Star Symbols you can easily copy and paste anywhere you want. This emoji can also be used to refer to fame in general.



Look. In its most literal use, people send this to refer to the stars in the sky. .

⋆🌟 🔯 Star emoji Copy-paste, or learn to type star symbol emoji directly from your keyboard.

These are the Star Symbols you can easily copy and paste anywhere you want. Emoji Copy and Paste Apple. Mathematical infinity text sign.

🌠 Shooting Star. Here are the two simple steps to type the ★ using Alt code from your keyboard.

A classic, five-point gold star.


Awards & Medals: 🥇 1st Place Medal, 🥉 3rd Place Medal, 🏆 Trophy, 🎖️ Military Medal, 🥈 2nd Place Medal, 🏅 Sports Medal,. .

This emoji is usually called 5 Star emoji, The meaning of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star emoji is used in star rating in social activities, such as five-star rating. (★) Black Star, (☆) White Star, (⚝) Outlined White Star, ( ) Stress Outlined White Star, ( ) Eight Pointed Black Star, ( ) Eight Spoked Asterisk, (☄) Comet, ( ) Circled White Star, ( ) Open Centre Black Star, ( ) Black Centre White Star, ( ) Outlined Black Star, (🟉) Light Five Pointed Black Star, (🟊) Heavy Five.

Black Star.
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click to copy.

Type the Alt code number 9733 and release the Alt key.

Click on a star emoji text ( ) to copy it to the clipboard & insert it to an input element. Star Text Symbols 🌟. click to copy.

. . . This code point first appeared in version 1. The following table includes Symbol, Symbol name, Decimal code, Hex code, and Unicode. ₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎ :♡*゚.

A diamond symbol emoji, which is used in card games for the diamonds suit.

. Star text symbol is a sign of optimizim.

Emoji (a Japanese word meaning picture character) are pictograms used in digital spaces like messages and webpages.


There are so many types of star symbols to choose from, each with different shape and meaning.

Like Black Star symbol (★), Outlined White Star Symbol (⚝), Shooting star symbol (🌠), Circled White Star Symbol ( ), Star and Crescent Symbol (☪), Sparkle Symbol ( ) for single use click on symbol or want to copy multiple symbols and emoji then add your favourite to clipboard then copy all in one click.

To copy and paste star symbol click on any text star emoticon below.